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Long Term Bitcoin sentiment picking up steam

I track sentiment for stocks, politics, and some other things. One of the other things is bitcoin, thought I would share it with you:
Edit: Some people are questioning the accuracy here, apparently it's not clear enough. I made a temporary overlay chart. I'll work on adding overlay as an option for viewing for the public as well. Til then, here're some pictures:
Amplitude may not match up perfectly, but directions do pretty good.
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Bitcoin BTCUSD sentiment analysis graph

Thought I'd share some of the sentiment analysis compared to price that I've done on Bitcoin over the past few months.
I do this mostly for stocks, but started doing it for bitcoin a bit ago out of fun/curiosity. I am pretty happy with how well it has turned out so far. Edit: Fixed the bad price glitches from BTC-e.
It also takes a bit to load. It's a lot of data. Expect to wait about a minute for it to load the actual chart.
To save loading if you'd like, here's just an image of the current graph:
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Bitcoin sentiment analysis + any interest in Geo sentiment?

You all like to talk and opine about bitcoin very much, I like to measure your feelings.
Bitcoin sentiment analysis chart:
Some of you might be familiar with it from before, but we've made some changes, including adding micropayments to view...and then removing them due to glitches as well as "micro" payments not being so micro after all...
The chart still takes a decent while to load, but we've revamped the code quite a bit to help with loading, but it still takes ~45 seconds.
Bitcoin is by far the largest topic Sentdex covers for sentiment analysis. The amount of data we collect on bitcoin is well over 10x our most popular talked about stock, which is Apple.
The goal is to use sentiment to predict price movements in Bitcoin / other stocks. Of course, many times price moves and then people get excited. This can be seen, but we've also been able to precede movements on many occasions.
Bitcoin is still a very new topic for us to cover. We've got a lot of data on it now, but we couldn't really go back in history as far for machine learning like we could with the rest of the stocks. Anyway, thought I'd share.
Curiously, I also wonder if there's any interest for people to see Geographic sentiment analysis for Bitcoin? I do geographic sentiment analysis here:
I've got things like Google and Facebook just for kicks. I'm also able to get popular words based on regions. Currently I only do this for the general sentiment chart, but I wonder too about doing this with Bitcoin. Thoughts? Might be pretty cool to see bitcoin sentiment by region.
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Thinking of trading Bitcoin? Live Trading Bitcoin +8% in 30 minutes - Is it worth it?

Hey fellow Bitcoin folks, thought I would share some of my findings with bitcoin here.
I run a youtube channel where I do a bunch of python/finance tutorials. I have been toying with Bitcoin for a bit, trading it for fun. I had a pretty good trading session today, which you can see here:
THAT said (shown :P) ... I would just like to share my thoughts with it here. I also come from a background of trading both by hand and by program in the stock market and other markets for profit. It is beginning to look like a commonality here that HFTing wont be an option... unless you were just recently with BTC China with no trade fees... which is epic (they no longer offer this... :( ).
Long term, it is probably best for Bitcoin to not favor HFTing, it is somewhat a problem in most stock markets.
Anyway just thought I'd share, have a nice day and best wishes for Bitcoin!
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Sentiment Analysis and stock sentiment analysis aims to identify the overall mood, feeling, and speculation of text. This is done using various big data analytics and text mining techniques such as natural language processing. Currently, the most popular use of sentiment analysis from us has been for stock sentiment analysis, though it can be used for political sentiment, product sentiment ... Symbol Instrument Name all Volume of Mentions all Overall Sentiment Recent Sentiment Rising or Falling; SP500: S&P 500 Index: 27008869: good: GME: GameStop Corp. The issue is with the way you process the response from Yahoo, more precisely :. splitSource = sourceCode.split('\n') it doesn't do as you think, the best and easiest way to process the ouput, is by using json.loads() since Yahoo output is already under json format: import urllib.request import time import datetime import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib.ticker as ... JohnAskew / stock_analysis Star 1 Code Issues Pull requests Stock Tracker Tool . python trading financial sentiment tkinter stocks sentdex bucbowie Updated Apr 24, 2020; Python; MrAsimZahid / Neural-Networks-from-Scratch Star 1 Code Issues Pull requests Building Neural Networks from Scratch in raw Python. deep-neural-networks deep-learning neural-network nn regression python3 scratch neurons ... Symbol Instrument Name 1 Year Volume of Mentions 1 Year Overall Sentiment Recent Sentiment Rising or Falling; FTSE100: FTSE 100 Index: 13571375: good: IMI.L

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Bitcoin Trading - Relative Strength Index (RSI)

In our case, we're building trading logic using the sentiment analysis trading signals from sample code: ... Intro and Getting Stock Price Data - Python Programming for Finance p.1 ... Python Programming tutorials, going further than just the basics. Learn about machine learning, finance, data analysis, robotics, web development, game devel... This video quickly teaches you how we can visualize our trading data. I do not intend to do any fancy graphing in this tutorial series, but it is always helpful to see what you are doing visually ... As Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies gain popularity, more and more people are curious about becoming a part of it. Many people start out curious about mining Bitcoins first, but then begin to ... Welcome to part 8 of the Deep Learning with Python, Keras, and Tensorflow series. In this tutorial, we're going to work on using a recurrent neural network t...