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7 Ways to Earn LTC/Litecoin ASAP

Earning free Litecoin works similarly to earning free Bitcoin. There are several online platforms that give users free Litecoins for performing small tasks or playing online games.
Let’s explore some of the most popular ways to get free Litecoin.

Earn free Litecoin through reputable faucets

The easiest and most popular way to earn free Litecoin is through a Litecoin faucet. A faucet is a website or an application that gives users free crypto coins for completing simple tasks. These tasks are usually easy tasks like completing some captchas, viewing adverts, or playing simple games.
After completing the microtasks, the faucet will reward you with a small amount of Litecoin (Lithoshi). Litoshi is the smallest unit of Litecoin and 1 Lithoshi is equivalent to 0.000000001 Litecoin.
There are various Litecoin faucets out there, many of them being scam faucets. Before you choose a faucet platform, make sure it’s legit. Here, we will highlight a few of the most popular and reputable ones.
It is safe to mention that you should only register on faucets that integrate micro-wallets like Coinpot. Micro-wallets allow you to collect and combine faucet payments easily.

Litecoin Faucet

Just like the previously mentioned faucet, Litecoin Faucet also allows users to earn free Litecoin by solving captchas. You can earn as much as 2,500,000 Litoshis every hour with no daily limitation on the platform.
The unique feature of Litecoin Faucet is that there is no withdrawal limit. Therefore, you can withdraw any amount of Litecoin.
Faucets are sure ways of earning free Litecoin, but you have to be very careful not to fall victim to scams. Before registering on any faucet, look out for the following:
Online reviews to know if it is legit or scam.
Coinpot or Faucethub micro — wallet integration for easy withdrawal.
Deposit before withdrawal feature — This is a typical feature of scam faucets. Faucets are supposed to be free ways to earn Litecoin without any down payment.
Earnings per hour — earnings from faucets are usually small. If a faucet promises an incredible amount of Litecoin, it is probably a scam or total waste of time.
Litecoins earnings from faucets are usually really small. If your earning expectations are high, this might not be the best option for you. There are more lucrative and legit ways to earn free Litecoin. Read on to learn about the other ways to get free Litecoin.

Litecoin cloud mining

Litecoin mining is one of the oldest ways to get free Litecoin. In recent times, earning profits from Litecoin mining can be a major hassle simply because of the cost of setting up the mining device, the cost of electricity, and many other factors.
With the introduction of cloud mining, you can earn free Litecoin without the headaches involved in setting up mining kits. You can find lots of free Litecoin cloud mining contracts online.
All you need to do is download the software on your device to start earning. These software work by using your device’s memory to generate the Litecoin. Which means the more powerful your device, the more free Litecoin you can earn.
However, some of these free Litecoin software contains malicious scripts that can compromise your security by stealing your data. You should only download mining software with great online reviews.
Back when LTC started, it was possible to mine with a standard computer’s CPU or GPU. Unfortunately, as coins grow in both age and popularity, it becomes harder and harder to mine with low-cost equipment. The days of easy mining are over, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t profit from LTC mining.
There are three ways to begin your LTC mining adventure:
Solo mining
Part of a mining pool
Cloud mining

Litecoin lending

Litecoin lending is one of the most lucrative ways to obtain free Litecoin. You can make money by purchasing some Litecoin and lending others on lending platforms.
Lending platforms like Coinloan.io allow you to make as much as 10.5% ROI by lending your LTC. It means if you lend 100 LTC, you earn free 10.5 LTC within a year without doing anything.
By lending your Litecoin, you are making your money work for you. All you need is a trusted and secure lending platform to start earning free Litecoin with this method.

Wager your Litecoin

Another way to get free Litecoin is by wagering your Litecoin. Gambling is not the best way to earn free Litecoin because 70% of gamblers tend to lose more than what they earn.
No doubt that some people have actually managed to become rich through gambling, this, however, is very rare. So if you are a big risk-taker or you really love gambling, Litecoin gambling is one way to earn free Litecoin.
Crypto gambling websites like fortunejack.com, bitstarz.com, and kingbillycasino.com allow you to wager your Litecoin on various casino games. Crypto gambling is probably the riskiest way to earn free Litecoin, and it is not for the faint-hearted.

Invest In Litecoin​

If you’re looking to invest in Litecoin, it’s important to remember that Litecoin is a currency. This means it doesn’t act like a stock or bond. Instead of buying shares of Litecoin, you are swapping your currency for Litecoin currency.
For example, 1 LTC is equal to about $47 USD today. The goal is for the value of Litecoin to rise, in which case, you could exchange your Litecoins back to dollars (from someone willing to do the exchange).​

Referral Links for Crypto Exchanges

This one is good for those out there with friends that are also crypto savvy. Various exchanges offer affiliate programs where you get paid out for inviting your friends and colleagues onto their platform.
Exchanges like Coinbase offer a one time payment when a new person joins their platform while others like Cryptmixer, for example, gives its members an impressive 50% of the revenue from the new clients they bring in. You can also use their exchange to swap the Bitcoin you receive to Litecoin, making it a great way to earn LTC.
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Earning Cryptocurrencies: "ClaimBits" Faucet

A reliable and long-lasting Direct Faucet that will make you earn cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin, quickly.
Despite being a recently created faucet for earning cryptocurrencies, born in 2019, ClaimBits is well-equipped with functionality. The main screen consists of 2 menus, one at the top and one on the side, all well organized. While exploiting one of the most common interfaces in the category, it has been able to diversify both in aesthetic terms and in the methods of earning free cryptocurrencies.

Let's start immediately by describing the menu at the top, listing its components.

1) Earn Bits, divided into the following categories:

- Faucet, which takes you back to the dashboard, is a classic claim that can be made every 15 minutes. The award in Bits released will depend on the Lucky Number you get. To run it you will have to solve at least 3 Shortlinks every day. Occasionally a pop-up page might open.

- Shortlinks, divided into 2 submenus. Visit Shortlinks, whose links lead to advertising pages in which one or more Captchas must be resolved, which is why they normally pay more than the main Claim. Pop-up pages may open. Shortlinks Contest shows the weekly ranking of users who have earned the most cryptocurrencies among all subscribers and who will be further rewarded according to their final position.

- PTC Ads, also a classic of faucet sites in which to earn cryptocurrencies simply by viewing advertising pages. It is not mandatory to keep the mouse on the open tab as it is sufficient to let the required time pass.

- Achievements, shows a list of the rewards that are obtained upon reaching a certain number of Claims and Shortlinks, for the most frequent users.

- CPU Mining, where you will be paid 1 Bit every 60000 Hash. Recommended only for those with relatively powerful PCs.

- Investment Game, practically a bet on the Bitcoin trend in the next 5 minutes after your bet. You are free to invest the desired amount.

- Redeem coupon, if you have a code to use as a coupon.

Much more to earn Bitcoins!

2) Referrals, where you will be shown your referrals URL. You will get 3% on all claims, 2% on Offerwalls and 1% on Shortlinks from your subscribers. The percentages will go up by subscribing to a higher Membership subscription. There are also numerous banners to insert on your sites or blogs. It is also possible to buy referrals.

3) Lottery, where possible buy the weekly lottery tickets of the site. The cost of each ticket is 50 Bits.

4) Contests, which will reward those with the highest number of subscribers each month (referral contest), with the highest number of shortlinks performed (shortlinks contest) and the highest number of offerwalls performed (offerwalls contest).

5) Offers, includes the famous and endless polls, video viewing and other tasks. As usual, this is the part you like least. The reward obtained is high but not proportionate to the time spent.

6) Blog, a term that needs no explanation

7) More, in turn divided into several parts:

- Withdrawals History and Deposits History, shows the last 25 Bitcoin transfers earned to your external wallets and all deposits made on the site.

- Membership, section where it is possible to subscribe to a paid subscription to level up within the site, thereby obtaining greater rewards and benefits.

- Edit account, dedicated to changing wallet addresses, passwords and email addresses.

earn cryptocurrencies
A second menu to better interact with the faucet!
The left menu contains many links to the sections described above. From top to bottom you can change your account data, exit the site (Logout) or make a transfer (Withdraw). Below is the Bitcoin equivalent of the earned Bits you currently have available on the site. Below is the Advertise section which offers the opportunity to earn additional cryptocurrencies through links and banners directly on your site. It is obviously a paid service for which there is a Deposit button to send the funds you want. A level system has also been introduced recently that will slightly multiply the gains obtained from the faucet.

Even further below, your referral URL.

In the lower part of the main screen, all the information relating to the Bits earned is shown on the left, while on the right a Share button to quickly share your referral URL on the most popular social networks.

Finally, remember that the transfer of earned Bitcoins (Withdraw) can be carried out on the personal wallet or on FaucetPay. The minimum threshold is 20,000 Satoshi in the first case and 4000 Satoshi in the second.

If we have forgotten something, don't hesitate to let us know! See you soon.

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Minnesota Cryptocurrency Q&A with Nano Founder Colin LeMahieu [Text Summary]

Hello all! Here are my notes from the livestream.
Reason for CAPTCHA faucet
Design & Architecture
Proof of Work
Anatomy of a Block
Delegated Proof of Stake & Representatives
Key features from 2018
What's next for Nano? v19
Future versions


Is pruning currently available?
Is Proof of Work necessary for users to vote?
Does vote weight allocation require a transaction?
What attack vectors does Nano have?
Do you have more exchanges you plan to be listed on?
How did you determine the level of PoW needed to prevent spam?
Do you currently have a system where you scale PoW to transaction size?
Can you send to multiple recipients at once with Nano?
What prevents bad actors from using their vote power maliciously?
How can rep keep the correctness of the network when transactions move so fast?
In a 51% attack, could a malicious actor prevent rep changes?
In PoW like BTC, 51% attacks require sustained resources, but not in Nano?
Has their been any research around Nano's DPoS consensus system?
What inspired you to start Nano?
Can Nano add smart contracts to the protocol?
How many developers does Nano have & what's the developer fund?
Are there any plans to add privacy to Nano?
What's deal with your FinTech startup?
Could Nano continue if something happened to you (Colin)?
Does Nano support multisig?
Is Nano working on integrations with other companies?
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Passive earnings in bitcoin?

Very new to bitcoin. Although I don't plan on dumping high amounts of fiat into investing anytime soon (gotta pay these student loans!) but I was wondering if there are other forms of collecting bitcoin passively besides mining (definitely doesn't look cost efficient). Right now I am on a few faucet sites where I click a captcha every few hours while I'm already doing other things online (so no real effort on my part), but I was wondering if there was any places that will passively pay in bitcoin. (Maybe watching adds or something?) Right now I make about 500 satoshi a day, which is clearly not a lot (but very minimal effort) but hoping to increase that.
Any ideas? Thanks for any advice
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How to make some free money with cryptos for beginners (almost passive!)

As a STEM-student time is rare and money is tight, so I always look for opportunities to create some passive income, even if it is just a couple dollars a month. First let me say: If you haven't done anything with crypto yet and you are confused, don't let it stop you and just follow this guide. Money is money after all and you'll get used to it very fast.

Well, I've recently started looking into options to earn beermoney with cryptos and at first sight I was a bit disappointed about the possibilities. Let me explain faucets. A faucet is basically a website with a lot of advertisment where the owner shares some of the revenue they get from the ads with you. All you have to do is click a claim button and you will recieve a small amount of crypto upon clicking a captcha to prove you're a human. The problem here is: The amount these faucets pay is really really low and absolutely not worth the time to click a captcha. You can claim in set periods of time e.q. every 15 minutes, every hour, whereas the amount of crypto you receive stays the same. The amount you need to payout is also very high and not worth the headache. You could easily earn more doing some surveys lol.

But then I found another attempt, which seems to be pretty unique. Faucets that are stacking up and you can claim whenever you want to claim. So the money you get for clicking after 24 hours will be way higher than the amount you get when you click after 1 hour. So, I used this to my advantage and now I mainly just claim from these faucets 1-4x a day and I pull in around 0,10-0,30$ a day for 2 minutes of work each time I claim them. It sums up. Especially when you're on your laptop anyway and click more often. But even if you just click them once a day it is still a decent passive money maker that requires no effort. They also reward you with some bonuses which is really cool. For example you get +1% for every day you claim in a row and are always rewarded with a random bonus ranging from 0-100%. So don't let go and aim for that daily bonus to stack up.

So, here's what you do to set it all up:

1) Get a Wallet

A wallet is the basic tool to do anything with cryptocurrency. Just search the internet, it is full with information. Personally, I use Atomic Wallet on my Laptop. Use any free wallet you want.

2) Register on coinpot.co

This is a microwallet from which you can keep track of your faucet-earnings and can later transfer your money to your wallet. There are no fees, the design is pretty nice and the amount to withdraw to your wallet is fairly low (about 3,6$) and easily reached in like 10-15 days. It is required to access the following faucets. The big bonus here is that all your faucet claims are directly paid to coinpot.co whereas other faucets need a minimum amount to withdraw to a microwallet and an even higher minimum amount to withdraw to your wallet. You receive coins for every claim you do which is really cool, because you can later exchange them into any cryptocurrency the site offers. You can also exchange one cryptocurrency for another with no fee. I always exchange all my coins and cryptos for Bitcoin and withdraw them once I reach the amount. Cryptos you will earn: Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash.

3) Register on the faucets

There are 7 faucets linked to coinpot of which I mainly use 6, because the 7th isn't stacking up. Here you can claim every 15 minutes and it is only worth it if you have some extra time.
Moondoge for Dogecoin
Moonbitcoin for Bitcoin
Moonlitecoin for Litecoin
Moondash for Dash
Moonbitcoincash for Bitcoincash
Bitfun another one for Bitcoin
And the last one, which is the only one that doesn't stack up, but also pays directly to your coinpot and can be claimed every 15 minutes (would only use if you got a lot of free time, but then it can be quite lucrative): Bonusbitcoin

So, all you do is set it all up and then leave it open in a tab or login once a day and claim your stacked up cryptos. It's really easy and very quickly done. If you forget them one day, they will still stack up, but you lose your daily bonus which is why I really recommend you to at least claim once every 24 hours. If you claim more often you will get more. You can claim every 5 minutes. They will directly transfer into your coinpot wallet where you can transform them into one another. I would recommend you to stick to one crypto of your choice to withdraw faster. No fees.


Okay, for this one you register on faucethub.io, which is another microwallet similar to coinpot. You can mine there if you want or do some minitasks, but basically you need it to receive money just like coinpot.

Then you register on satoshilabs. This website is awesome. You can claim coins from their faucet every 5 minutes and invest them in "buildings" which will produce you even more coins. You need to do some grinding at first to get your farm going (I highly recommend saving for Generators instead of Bunkers because the payout is way higher for them, you can complete some surveys to get your first Generators up quickly) and then you can watch your money grow passively. It's a really fun game and definitely worth participating in.

Some other sites working with faucethub, where you can claim a decent amount once per hour are:

cointiply.com and freebitcoin

They need some grinding to get to the withdrawal amount, but they pay decently and can also earn you interest after some time. They are currently the best faucets you can link to your faucethub-account and if you have one, there's no harm in checking them out and see if they work for you.



If you're fixed with crypto stuff now, I can recommend you another site to generate passive crypto income. It's called Mannabase and will give you Manna, which is their own cryptocurrency, every week. The project is made up very nice and their vision is to create something like a Universal Basic Income. You just need to register, validate your ID and get free Manna which you can exchange for Dollars or other Cryptos. You should check them out.

These tips should work from any country and I really hope I could help someone. Happy earnings and keep grinding!
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How I earn effortless passive income and how you can do, too! (includes refs)

Hey guys,

I'm a twenty-something student from Germany starting his journey to generate passive income and I would like to share my plan with you and maybe inspire you. I really start from scratch and being a STEM-related student money is tight and time is scarce, but I'm dedicated to get this shit up. So, here's what I'm going to do:

Getting some basic passive income up by running auto-surfing websites as much as I can. Claiming 1-2 times per day from a crypto faucet (takes so little time that i consider it passive). Using this income to invest into more sustainable passive income businesses like for example my t-shirt business or stockphotography. Designing a few designs every week to additionally get it going. Endgame: Youtube-Channel in the tutoring niche of a highly demanded but not yet provided topic in my subject. Maybe a unrelated health blog with affiliate links, let's see. Daydreaming, man. However, in this post I will just focus on the stuff you don't need time or money for to generate a basic passive income each month. I really encourage you to use this income to invest in further sources of passive income as they are all very unsustainable, but a good way to get that shit started.

But yeah, back to the small stuff´for now. Websites that generate passive income simply for leaving them open. It's called autosurfing and it's basically a website that pays you a small amount of money each minute to keep a tab open that redirects you to several sites. It is financed by websites paying the owner to get traffic. Most of them are fairly new so there is no payment proof for all of them yet and maybe one or two can turn out as a scam, but I give them a shot. I mean, hey it's free and you do not need to invest either time or money to get started. Just keep them all open in a window and forget about them. Needless to say they do not make you rich. You better find out for yourself, it's a real easy way to get some extra bucks. The links are ref-links which give both of us a small bonus. I will list pay per minute, minimum payout and max per month if you manage to run them 24/7 (which I don't, but maybe some of you are interested in it). You can cash out via paypal. Starting the list with the highest-paying ones. They all have the same layout, you just need to register individually for each one and click the start earning button.

1) Autosurfing

Cashmining.org $0,001/min. Min Withdrawal: $10. Max/30days: $43,2
This one seems too good to be true. But if they are legit I don't want to be the one missing out. Especially as it takes no effort at all to get it running and you can't lose, right? Can be a bit buggy when registrating. Just try a few times in case that happens.
getcashfree.info $0,0002/min. Min Withdrawal: $3. Max/30days: $8,46
Second highest paying one. Fairly new.
fastcashmining.com $0,00015/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,50. Max/30days: $6,48
miningtraffic.com $0,00012/min. Min Withdrawal: $1,50. Max/30days: $5,19
cashminingbot.com $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $1,00. Max/30days: $4,32
moneymining.xyz $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,00. Max/30days: $4,32
fancitos.com $0,0001/min. Min Withdrawal: $2,00. Max/30days: $4,32 -> spanish one, but easy to navigate

EDIT: There are some new now. I wrote a guide about autosurfing on medium to get you started. Check it out!

This can stack up to $76,29 a month if run 24/7. You get the point. If you only leave them open for 12 hours a day it's still like $38 dollar. There are also premium programs which can increase your earnings even further, but I want a few payments from a site before I look into them. There are few other websites which I skip here because the minimum withdrawal is way too high for the rate they pay or they're not available in english.

Another similiar website I can recommend is ebesucher.com. You can use their surfbar and it automatically directs you to websites that pay ebesucher money for traffic. Just like the other sites. It's a bit hard to calculate here since points per visited site do vary, but I estimate that it pulls in about $6 max per month if run non-stop.

Get all these websites running in one window and add radioearn.com for another roundabout $8,75 a month. You simply have to open 4 tabs with a radio (you can mute them) and get paid 1 point every 15 minutes. 1000 Points translate into $3,05 (January 19).

There are also Apps that pay you cash for swiping a banner away every time you unlock your phone or pay you to receive a few test-sms every other day, but I haven't looked into them yet. I will do so soon and update the post. Oh, and don't forget phone farming! True effortless passive income is real lol.

Well, wanna hear more options how you can easily earn some money each month with very low effort? Don't be afraid of cryptos if you aren't into them yet. You'll get into them pretty soon, I promise. And you should definitely give them a try considering that they can rise pretty high in value and can easily be converted to cash if you don't want to keep them. Free money is money, after all.

2) Cryptocurrency

So, now at first you need a wallet to do anything with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of free alternatives, just search the internet to get started. Personally, I use Atomic-wallet on my Laptop.

Next step you need to register on Coinpot.co. It is a microwallet where all your earnings from the following faucets are directly transfered to without a fee. A faucet is a website with a lot of ads on it that pays the visiter a share of the revenue in cryptocoin. Problem with most faucets is that you can claim the same amount of cryptos every set time, for example all 15 minutes you get 30 satoshi (bitcoin-unit), but if you claim every 50 minutes you'll also get 30 satoshi. And in most cases you need to accumulate a very big amount of coins to get them transferred to your wallet. This is not the problem with coinpot, however. The featured faucets all stack up. This is the big advantage. You can claim them every 5 minutes, but also only once a day or even every second day and the amount you get will still keep on getting higher. The withdrawal amount to get them to your wallet is also very low (3,6$ worth of cryptos) and can be easily reached within like 15 days. So yeah, I recommend you to get yourself a second e-mail for coinbot and the following stuff. Coinpot has a really nice layout and supports 5 different cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Dash, Dogecoin), which you can exchange for one another without fees. I always transfer all my cryptocoins and the tokens (you get tokens as bonus points every claim) to bitcoin to be able to withdraw them faster. Okay, so here's what you do:

You register on coinpot. And then you sign up with the same mail on these faucets:
Moonbitcoin faucet for Bitcoin
Moonlitecoin faucet for Litecoin
Moondogecoin faucet for Dogecoin
Moondashcoin faucet for Dash
Moonbitcoincash faucet for Bitcoincash
Bitfun another faucet for Bitcoin
(If you have some more spare time you can also join Bonusbitcoin, it won't stack up, but you can claim every 15 minutes and it will reward you with a daily bonus. Pays pretty decent, but isn't really that passive.

Here's how it works: The amount you get will stack up until you claim. When you claim you need to resolve a short chapta to prove you're human and you will receive your cryptos directly in your coinpot wallet. You will get tokens for each claim you make which you can exchange for cryptos. You will also receive a bonus each time you claim. +1% per each day you claim in a row and a random bonus between 0-100% which is really cool especially when you wait long for them to stack up and then receive some 87% bonus lol. You can claim every 5 minutes if you want, but it's not really worth your time. I suggest claiming them 1-2x a day, only 1x for the most passive way and to get your daily bonus going up. I claim them every now and then, mostly like 1-3x a day, sometimes when I'm on my laptop anyway and bored more often and I generate like $5 worth of cryptos a month. Considering you don't do anything but click the captchas a few times a day which takes you like 2 minutes for all of them it's a very nice small income stream.

Another cryptorelated thing which truly is completely passive is Mannabase. You should definitely check them out! They have a very appealing website and their vision is to create a universal basic income for every human being. You need to register, verify your ID to them and they will pay you some Manna every week without you doing anything. You can exchange this coin for bitcoin or dollar then.

3) Other stuff

This isn't actually passive, but I always keep Profilic.ac open, when I'm on my laptop. It is an academic survey portal that actually pays very high (like 9 British Pounds) per hour. They don't have many surveys, so I'll always let the window open and check from time to time if there is a survey I can reserve for myself.

I sometimes also use Grindabuck.com for some passive video watching and the daily check in bonus. Video section is a bit buggy though, so you need to babysit it a little more than the autosurf-websites. It's like Swagbucks where you can fill out surveys and stuff. But I don't invest much time on those, just do a survey once a while to get to the withdrawal amount on those. Oh, and Swagbucks is pretty nice for Cashback here in Germany.

So, yeah. That's my guide to all of the shit I do on the internet lol. You can easily pull in up to $80-90 a month if you're dedicated. It's up to you how much you use this stuff, but I think it's a good start to passive income. I aim for a minimum of $40 a month to invest in my more sustainable passive income businesses and try not to miss any free opportunities on my way. Right now I got a browser window open making money for me and another one with cryptos waiting to be claimed while I write this post. You could do that, too! Absolutely no effort besides the initial setup. If you use my referral-links you get some bonuses, support my journey and I hope you can start yours soon, too.

So long. Happy earnings and keep grinding!
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Coin Rehabbing: The Art and Science. Chapter 1: Adopting a Coin

Welcome friend!
So you want to rehab a coin, eh? Decided that cryptocurrency is your game, and you're going to play it by finding something out there which already exists but is falling apart, and turn it around and make it Bitcoin 2.0, right?
Live the dream! But do it safely and carefully. I'll tell you how, for free (no guarantees of success; just my best guesses and personal experience so far; tanstaafl <=> you get what you pay for). No subscription, just read this. Why? I like to talk about what I like to do. And this is something I find very fun to do. After all, it's mostly been a hobby for me on the side.
"Coin rehabbing" is an idea I started to have around 2015, looking around at the explosion of coins and the low market caps of many of them as well as how many were dying off due to being abandoned. This made it so that it felt like you could just pick any idea you could think of: red, cat, dragon, whatever, and there's some clonecoin or something which is branded with it and many of them were cheap enough that buying 1% or something wasn't necessarily a big deal.
Now, I'll note that deciding to do a "coin rehabbing" approach is very different from a diversified, passive approach, which would take a little bit of a lot of these and 'forget' about them (but of course, not really forget or else would lose the value...). That latter, conservative and straightforward approach is one I would strongly recommend as a starting point to a newbie into cryptocurrency, after first starting with a basic starting coin or two (not that I'm giving investing advice, of course; heaven forfend!).
Coin rehabbing should be a decidedly advanced technique more for experts, or at least, more journeyman level than apprentice, although I'll admit I had no great knowledge when I started.
The switch from a passive to active investor can be fairly subtle or gradual in cryptocurrency. For me, it was rather intertwined almost from the very start with NYAN, although for many more coins I bought a tiny bit and did nothing with it. But with NYAN, I was doing the coin-a-day series at the time, and so published a piece on /cryptocurrency about it right from the start. I believe that post probably made some impact both then and at the time, even though it was not at all obvious to me at that time.
Of course, with cryptocurrency and Reddit, commenting about a cryptocurrency one owns is enough to at least make it grey if one is a passive or active investor (or gambler) at that point.
Regardless, for the rest of this and eventually these, I'll presume the reader has a basic familiarity but can always expand further upon request in comments or messages and may edit further later.
Okay, so, onto the heart of the matter: making your choice. I'd known there was Bitcoin for a while, and was gradually becoming aware there were a lot more coins out there. I figured there might actually be something of value somewhere, and a lot of them seemed pretty interesting, so I decided to just start looking around. I strongly recommend this approach. Start to read about as many different coins out there as you can. Produce write-ups. Publish those write-ups. Get feedback on them. Repeat. No buying or selling necessary or even particularly desirable until one has done this research (this despite my earlier claim that a person should be somewhat experienced; I'll say that it's the technical experience and not the size of the transaction (though perhaps its complexity sometimes, but just the basics are fine to start - I've never done a multisig yet myself) which is important). In fact, based on what I've found in the stock market, I feel like I was able to far more dispassionately observe it before I was betting it, just as one would expect.
The barrier to entry is very low to start to get involved with a coin, but it can be fairly high to maintain a presence with a coin, or it can be fairly low, depending on the approach one takes. Personally, I don't bother to follow almost anything at this point, just because I'm doing other things for the most part, but if I had more free time I'd definitely look at what is going on with a few different coins. But I think it makes sense to start to talk to a few different coins you're interested in just to get a feel for the variety and similarity of different communities and figure out what sort of opportunities interest you. The great thing about volunteer work is there's often plenty of it to go around. The less fortunate thing about it is there is still often a surprisingly large amount of politics going on.
Personally, I chose a "deadcoin" to adopt both because I wanted the ultimate challenge and also because I figured it would give me the best tabula rasa since no one would oppose anything I wanted to do with the coin, since there was no one else interested. Of course, this is a very slight exaggeration since there were some who still held coins at that point and of course there was Prohashing still running the pool and Cryptsy still listing the coin. I think it was about as close to a minimum viable coin as possible at that point. Technically, it would be possible to restart a coin from a stored blockchain even after the mining went down and the exchange was lost by restarting mining oneself and paying for a listing (or making an exchange, but that's a whole different type of challenge of even greater magnitude which I personally intend to never attempt myself). But I'm lazier than that, and since there were coins that had it anyhow, I didn't see any reason to bother with that. Besides, I didn't have any coins which I'd been running a node of and had some chain stored I wanted to revive.
I strongly recommend not doing what I did, in many ways, but that one included, because it is a much greater challenge. I think it's a better idea to be a "junior partner" type of position with a small coin that you like rather than trying to rekindle a fading ember. When you do well, you do better than you would've otherwise: the only money I've ever taken out of cryptocurrency has been from Nano (né Raiblocks), where I was a passive investor for over a year, not even realizing it was still alive after getting a bunch for free on the original faucet (I actually kind of needed the distraction at the time anyhow; rather enjoyed listening to X Minus One and playing ReCaptcha; international street and forest and such is actually kind of cool to see). That was in a lot of ways a complete strike of luck, but at the same time, it's one I wouldn't have been in the position to get lucky on if it hadn't been for the fact that I'd been writing and publishing my thoughts about cryptocurrency and what it should be, in that case, that transaction costs should be low or free if possible.
This is the key I think: as you look among these many options, what do you value? Not simply in the concept of trying to figure out the beauty contest of what other people will value, but what do you value? This is really the question, because since this is gambling and playing around with the very concept of value, it's pretty important by starting to define it for oneself.
To me, a long-term, forthright and frankly simple approach is the key. I'm lazy. I want things to be easy. Trying to trick people is not easy. Trying to trick people in cryptocurrency is especially not easy (despite how easy Buttcoin makes it look) as they're a group used to being tricked (as contradictory as that seems to the claim it's not easy to trick them, resolved: there is a stream of easy marks but I don't think the regulars are easy marks). And I'm not interested in having a lot of features to maintain and bugs to fix from those features and vanity changes or obfuscatory changes. That's all just a bunch of extra work.
Other than being honest and easy, I wanted to find a coin with a capped supply. I find the concept of a fixed supply of tokens of value very interesting since it takes away one of the core concepts of what we're used to with currency. I wanted to be able to have a million somethings myself, so it should have at least like 100+ of them so that I could always maintain at least that amount fairly reasonably.
And I was lucky enough to be in the right time and place to be looking at NYAN with its max supply of 337 million coins and thinking to myself that a million of them certainly looked pretty affordable. So I decided to adopt it. There wasn't one moment, at least that I can recall now, where I decided this, but as I bought more and learned more I decided I wanted to see where it could go. I haven't always been able to put as much time and effort into it as I would have liked but it's managed to survive, which I attribute mostly to having chosen well initially (and, most importantly and perhaps related: from the surprisingly large number of other people who have helped out before and after I got involved) rather than any particularly spectacular skill or decision making after, apart from perhaps patience and sustained interest.
In particular, I rather like having a clonecoin. It's well understood, which helps on absolutely everything from maintenance to listing to mining. It's true that it doesn't given any particular special advantages or different tech, but at the same time, it doesn't get any special disadvantages either. In cryptocurrency, I think that sort of "herd immunity" is more important than trying to be trailblazing, despite the fact that Nano/Raiblocks and many of the other currently most successful coins are not clones (and yet at least a couple are, which are generally now not thought of as clones since they exceed at least their direct ancestor now (Litecoin and Monero are the ones that come to mind, from Tenebrix and Bytecoin iirc as I'm too lazy to look up)).
That is one coin rehabbing selection I did that I would recommend to others who want an easy approach rather than a hard approach. And, conversely, it's an area where I gave myself a handicap instead of some "ultimate challenge". I knew that if I went for some huge challenge from the technical side it was extremely unlikely to survive. Instead, I wanted just an economic challenge rather than a technical one: how does a market cap, or more generally, the valuation of a coin rise over time? Sounds fairly simple, but is the key to a lot of cryptocurrency, and involves most of the rest of it.
It's led me to believing that the community is the basis of both the technical and financial results (on the latter, at least ultimately; more short-term wandering speculation without any particular interest certainly can have a major impact as well but for the most part my guess is that the market of a cryptocurrency will tend to reflect the financial interest and strength of the community behind it over the long-term), as I saw my own interest drive the price as I bid myself up trying to buy up as much NYAN as I could particularly in the first couple months I got involved at the start of 2015 (and bidding against some others from time to time), and then my lack of extra money to keep bidding at that rate and increasing the price eventually coincide with a sudden massive sale that ended that first initial bull market of the revival in early March 2015. For a long time, the chart of NYAN was basically a chart of my own financial health. In a lot of ways, it still is, but not as a result of me being the primary buyer at this point (I don't think; haven't logged into Cryptopia in quite a while; I suspect my last bids at this level whenever I placed them were filled and someone else is currently at this price as it's often been for a while now). Eventually, of course, for a coin to be meaningful, it probably should have more than one buyer, but NYAN survived with mostly me as the majority of its market for some time. Long enough there were certainly points I considered it a potential concern, but I was in no rush to do outreach marketing for a lot of reasons, particularly the many, many risks. Besides, I've always tried to stay fine with the idea that the coin can completely fail, because, of course, it can. So a lack of demand isn't particularly concerning when it happens or a massive sale, as I tend to expect them. Frankly, the rises should be more concerning, as they're the biggest opportunity for mistake and when it's most important to try to make sure people aren't making rash decisions or getting reckless. I regret not having shouted warnings in here more about a likely bubble during the last rise, which peaked at the start of this year but after such a long drought I'd been hopeful that it was less of a bubble than it appears obvious as in hindsight.
Okay, that's rather rambly and could really use an edit rather than a publish, but if I save for editing, I'll never do the rewrite and won't publish, and if I publish, I may someday revise and perhaps it'll be of some use or interest in current form so...here it is! I assert this is of no value whatsoever and thus is provided for no cost. I also assert it thus has no warranty, you shouldn't trade based on it, and you just generally should live a safe and cautious life, eat your vegetables, and live to a ripe old age comfortably and happily.
Chapter Motto (to be lovingly stolen from GoT House words): Growing Strong
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If anyone here is trying to, or wondering if they can make money from Bitcoin Faucets - Don't. They're a waste of time.

What are Bitcoin Faucets?
If you’ve researched making some beer money online, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin faucets are websites that pay you in Bitcoin when you fill in a captcha (to prove you’re not a bot) and refresh the page. You generally need to hit a limit of earnings before you can withdraw.
Faucets make money from you viewing the advertisements on the page, and pay you a portion of what they earn. Many people start off thinking that it’s a way to earn money to pay for small things on the side, but are they worth it?
Can you earn money from them?
The thing you need to realise is that no one is going to just give you free money, and the amount that these faucets earn from advertisements is pretty small. The best paying faucets will generally only earn you $1-$2 per week depending on how much you use them.
There are plenty of smaller faucets, but none of them are going to pay well. Their only interest is to entice people in with promises of earning, but the only people that earn a decent amount from faucets are their owners, or people who manage to convince others to use their referral links and promise them that they’ll make money. If anyone’s telling you that a Bitcoin faucet pays out well and then sends you a referral link, you can safely assume that it doesn’t pay well, and that said person is only trying to use you so that they can get a payout themselves.
The limits that faucets set on withdrawal are to encourage you to spend more time viewing their advertisements. If you invest time in to these faucets before realising that they aren’t worth it, you’re more likely to keep using it so that you can reach your minimum withdrawal. It’s a smart move by the faucet owners, but it is completely exploiting you and your distaste for sunk costs.
On the other hand, there are some uses for Bitcoin faucets. They’re generally reasonably quick to make a few pennies, so if you need to hit a certain amount of Bitcoin to withdraw or exchange and you’re only a small amount short, you can quickly use a faucet for a bit to just top up your balance and tip you over the edge. Don’t forget that the price of Bitcoin can always rise, so technically your small amounts could be worth a bit more if you save them for the bitcoin faucetsfuture. Also, if you’re savvy, you can potentially set up your own faucet to earn some beer money, but don’t expect to make anything serious from it. Most people have already realised that they can’t make anything decent from them, and they’re dying out.
To conclude, Bitcoin faucets are an absolute waste of time if you’re trying to earn money from them. They’re only worth using if you just need a tiny bit of Bitcoin to hit the minimum withdrawal for something. Faucets will cost you more in electricity usage whilst you use them than you’ll receive from payouts.
You could earn much more money by using other methods instead of spending your valuable time trying to make tiny fractions of money from these faucets. Make sure to check out the other articles on this site for ideas, they’re all successful, tried and tested ways of earning money online that don’t try to exploit you like Bitcoin faucets do.
If you’re interested in Bitcoin, make sure to check out this post on how I turned $40 into $400 by trading cryptocurrencies!
If you’re looking for a good exchange to buy or sell Bitcoin, I recommend CoinCorner, where you can buy/sell BTC instantly. I’ve received nothing but great customer service from them, and they’re by far the best Bitcoin exchange I’ve used.
Copy-pasted from this post: http://www.makingmoneyontheinternet.co/making-money-from-bitcoin-faucets/
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A Non-Technical Introduction to Nano

Hi guys,
Here's a first draft of an article I've written to try and explain Nano to the non-technical user. Any comments / corrections / suggestions are welcome.
Nano: Why The Future of Cryptocurrency
The evolution of cryptocurrencies has been wildly unpredictable, even more so than other new technologies. Cryptocurrencies are also unusual amongst emerging technologies in that, even with a decades worth of knowledge and real-world usage to draw on, even the most technologically-savvy are hesitant to take the plunge. This reticence is understandable. After all, the term cryptocurrency now refers to a wide array of digital currencies and tokens, each with their own purpose and use case, and each igniting equally passionate debate from supporters and detractors alike. Newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies often feel that they are stepping into the middle of a war zone. No sooner have they taken their first steps into this new and unknown landscape, when devoted foot soldiers begin tugging them in the direction of their preferred crypto.
For the new recruit, already dizzied by the sheer number of currencies to choose from, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed and paralyzed. Couple this with the fact that the market’s most prominent, and by all accounts safest, cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, and that Bitcoin’s wild price fluctuations have caught the eye of mainstream news outlets, and you can begin to understand why this revolutionary technology often seems to be doing little more than spinning its wheels. To the uninitiated, an investment in Bitcoin seems little better than spinning a roulette wheel (a sentiment that many in the community also share).
Against this backdrop, any new coin has a lot to contend with. Not only does it need to be able to sell itself on its own merits, but it needs to penetrate the fog of war and confusion that has descended. This confusion arises in no small part due to the fact that cryptocurrencies have traditionally, in spite of the name, not acted in the way we are used to currencies acting. Bitcoin has evidently been crucial in setting the stage, but with the price of a single coin currently hovering around the $7,000, and with mining new Bitcoins no longer economically viable for the overwhelming majority of the market, its image as a bloated and unwieldy behemoth is hardly conducive to drawing in newcomers.
Given Bitcoin’s success and market dominance, it may seem sacrilege to suggest that being entirely unlike Bitcoin could be a virtue. Yet Nano is about as unlike Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency could be, and it is all the better for it.
Note: While the technical specifications and features of Nano deserve a special mention, it offers undeniably elegant solutions to many of the problems that affect other cryptocurrencies, in this article we are going to focus on what all that technical jargon actually translates to for the average user. For details about the underlying technology, head over to https://nano.org
Where Bitcoin is big, Nano is small.
Globally, the amount of energy required on an annual basis to mine Bitcoin is roughly the same as that consumed by the entire nation of Ireland. In this sense, Bitcoin is woefully unsustainable. Nano, on the other hand, has no mining. The entire supply of Nano (133,248,290 NANO) already exists. These funds were initially distributed via a captcha-based faucet, but it is now possible to either trade other cryptocurrencies for Nano, or even purchase it directly through any one of the growing number of services that sell it.
Of course, acquiring Nano is no good if you don’t have anywhere to store it. Fortunately, there are a number of options when choosing a Nano wallet. There are online wallets – http://nanowallet.io – desktop wallets - https://nano.org/#getwallets – and even a few options for iOS and Android. These wallets are all lightweight and easy to use, and each wallet comes with its own seed, a unique string of characters that can be used to recover or access your wallet from another device.
The Nano protocol is incredibly lightweight, significantly more so than other cryptocurrencies. This means that the costs involved in processing a Nano transaction are negligible. In fact, they are limited to the amount of power consumed by the device you make the transaction from. Because of this, and unlike other cryptocurrencies, there are no fees associated with processing a Nano transaction. Whether you send 0.0000001 Nano, 1 Nano, or 5,000,000 Nano, the recipient will receive all of it.
Not only are Nano transactions feeless, they are as close to instantaneous as it is possible to be. The only circumstances under which users will experience a delay is during ongoing transactions, and even then it is an intentional delay to prevent spam and abuse of the network. The delay in sending and receiving money when using other cryptocurrencies is one of the major barriers to their widespread adoption. It is a perfect example of how cryptocurrencies have not traditionally behaved like currencies as we know them. In fact, Nano is even better than traditional currencies in this regard when you are sending over long distances. International transfers of Nano are just as fast and feeless as sending Nano to someone sitting in the same room as you. You might be wondering, with a finite supply of Nano, does that put a necessary limit on how widely it can penetrate. We are used to our currencies being divisible only by relatively small amounts. For example £1 can only be divided into 100 smaller units - £1 = 100p. With Nano, a single Nano is equal to 〖10〗24 raw – 1 Nano = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 raw. This means that, should the value of a single Nano one day reach the giddy heights of Bitcoin, where 1 Nano = $7,000, 1 raw would be equal to $(7000 X 〖10〗-24) = $0.000000000000000000007000. Even if the price of a single Nano were to rise considerably higher, it would still remain just as useful as a currency.
The world is very rapidly waking up to Nano, and the possibilities it offers. If you want to join the impending revolution, get yourself one of the aforementioned wallets and head on over to the Nano Faucet at https://www.nanofaucet.org for some free Nano to get yourself started.
Edit: if anyone would like to support more of this content, and it's not deemed too cynical, my donations wallet is xrb_3xt996ctuaas1ftqo8i4gk8dugpgzp54foaphtp69qk4rx6b7swoghfzuy33
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CoinHeaps -Bitcoin & PayPal Earnings- Review: Scam or Legit?

CoinHeaps -Bitcoin & PayPal Earnings- Review: Scam or Legit?
Hello Folks! I will share a site I had recently discovered as of August 21, 2018.

Coin Heaps lets you earn bitcoins in fun and easy way. Free hourly bitcoins to claim, play games and solve captcha mining that makes you earn extra income.

WAYS TO EARN IN COINHEAPS 1. Hourly Earnings - Claim your earnings HOURLY! 2. ReCaptcha - Earn and collect coins to exchange Cash/BTC prizes! 3. Games - Earn just by playing games and enjoy! 4. Tasks - Get paid by working on some lazy tasks! 5. Referrals - If your referral earns, you'll receive commissions too! 6. Trophies and Bonuses - Rank up and receive rewards!
Free BTC - 15%
Play Games - 25%

10 USD bonus upon verified signup
1000 satoshi bonus upon verified signup via referred
Earn 30+ satoshi via faucet every 1 hour (I usually get 34 satoshi)
Earn 30-25-15 satoshi and 5-3-1 point by solving captcha (6 recaptcha to solve a day)
Exchange points to real money (45k points = 50 USD; 9.5k points = 10 USD; 1k points = 1 USD)
Earn 100 satoshi by playing games of approximately 2 minute countdown per game every day (6 games a day)
Minimum Withdrawal 30,000 satoshi (Why not give a try? 20 minutes in the site daily! NOT bad hmmm)

Payment via Bitcoin-Wallet and PayPal
The payments are made within 5 business days (Mon-Fri) right after the administrator checks your account

CoinHeaps does NOT ASK any amount for INVESTMENTS! No strings attached!

COINHEAPS earn by running paid advertisements from partners and advertisers from there website

JOIN NOW & START EARNING: https://coinheaps.com

Let's earn together and at the same time, we ENJOY!

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I have drafted a list of the best faucets

I have drafted a list of the best Bitcoin faucets: http://goo.gl/UyJi5T
It can be used by new arrivals to collect some VTAs fast, if they don't have real money in their pocket to invest in.
Also, it can help to achieve the "Project 10,000 VirtaCoin Millionaires" and to increase the number of "The VirtaCoin Millionaire Club". If a person goes through the whole list daily, he becomes VTA millionaire in a few days.
Just for beginners:
All your winnings are sent to FaucetBOX.com. FaucetBOX.com process withdrawals once/24h after you reach the payout threshold. Then you will find your winnings in your virtacoinwallet.eu account splited by 2 (at the time I posted 2 satoshi = 1 VTA)
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New Free Bitcoin Faucet - 50 Satoshi Per Claim Earn free bitcoins  Captcha solving faucets  Payment Proof Earn upto 0 25$ per click no without captcha highest paying faucet website 2019 btc 2019 free money Free bitcoins from this faucet.Just solve captcha.earn 0.1 btc. MoreMoney.io - Earn Free Bitcoin 2020  No Investment Captcha Typing Work - 0.362 Btc Payment Proof

FAUCET CRYPTO – CLAIM WITHOUT CAPTCHA. How to earn on faucet crypto. Faucet every 30 min – no captcha; PTC ads – no captcha; Shortlinks – very easy ( sh faucet links , exe io ) Achievements based on above 3 options; Referral 25 %; Minimum withdrawal is 100 satoshis (500 coins) to faucetpay Bonus Bitcoin: In this faucet, you can claim bitcoin every 15 minutes and Receive up to 5,000 Satoshi per claim. Furthermore, you will be provided an automatic 5% daily bonus, withdrawals are on demand and a 50% referral bonus. DiceCoin: To claim Bitcoins on this site all you have to do is just click on CAPTCHA and it will provide 0.00001 BTC. The site that pays you Bitcoin for solving captchas is called as a faucet. You have to enter the faucet and solve the captcha to receive a certain amount of Bitcoin. Once you claim the Bitcoin you have to click the next faucet to claim Bitcoin again. You can claim Bitcoins 24 / 7 just by solving captchas. There is no limit in claiming Bitcoin. What is a Bitcoin Faucet? Bitcoin faucet is a reward system in the form of a website or app that releases rewards in the form of a Satoshi, a fraction of a bitcoin after completing a survey, watching an ad or doing a captcha. The amount will typically fluctuate according to the value of bitcoin. Some faucets have random large rewards. Usually ... Fire Faucet allows you to earn not only free Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin, Dash, and more. In order to qualify for their faucet, you first have to earn points by doing tasks. When you do simple tasks such as watching videos, clicking websites, and completing surveys, you will earn points. These points are then used to fund your faucet.

[index] [16531] [41114] [34858] [3637] [3166] [38141] [31731] [5100] [20481] [5573]

New Free Bitcoin Faucet - 50 Satoshi Per Claim

To day show u bitcoin faucet and bitcoin mining own in web browser or computer and mobile CoinHive and other Cryptocurrency mining programs are growing in popular and are showing up in place you ... Earn free bitcoin. New website to earn free bitcoin. Earn free bitcoin without investment. Earn free bitcoin every hour. Earn free bitcoin without solving captcha. New free bitcoin faucet. New ... MoreMoney.io - Earn Free Bitcoin 2020 No Investment Captcha Typing Work - 0.362 Btc Payment Proof Hi Everyone Today i tell you about new earning site #moremoney its totally #freebtc earning site ... Hi Friend Welcome To My Channel Hi Everyone Today i tell you about new free bitcoin earning site #FaucetCryptohacks its totally #freebtc earning site hope you like it. in this video i make a just ... Free bitcoins from this faucet.Just solve captcha.earn 0.1 btc. Loukik Chhajer. Loading... Unsubscribe from Loukik Chhajer? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 7 ...